Virtual Firearms Training & Awareness


We teach responsibility and awareness

Virtual Target Shooting, Parker, Colorado


We are in this business as an educational capacity to inform people that guns, weapons, and wanting to protect yourself is not "bad". We want to teach awareness and responsibility and have fun with it. It is fun unique way to help people be more aware of their surroundings and to educate on the tools of the industry are only tools.

The atmosphere is casual, but safe and can teach everything live fire does without the noise and anxiety. The experience is perfect for the beginner who knows nothing about firearms and personal safety to the most highly advanced warrior.

We feature real guns that are modified for simulation, no live ammunition is allowed at the range. Virtual Target Shooting serves individuals, families, groups of friends, and corporate events. From the beginner to the expert, we have something for everyone. We provide professional firearm and archery instructional lessons.

We are located in Parker, Colorado, on Parker Road. FIND US.

Age Requirements

All persons, age 18 and up, using air soft or simulator equipment must sign the waiver and show proof of ID. Ages 15 and under must have parent/guardian accompany them at all times and parent/guardian must sign the release waiver for the minor to use equipment. Ages 16-17 can use equipment without the presence of parent/guardian, but must have parent/guardian sign release waiver for them before they are able to use equipment and must show proof of ID. Training classes for ages 17 and under will be treated differently, different rules for different classes. Stay tuned for details on the classes.

No Firearms On Premise

We respectfully ask that you do not carry your firearm and/or live ammunition in the facility. We train with holsters, shooting drills/targets, and with real life scenarios to obtain life-like situations. Why we ask you not to carry a firearm on the premises: Virtual Target, LLC respects, encourages, and teaches responsible ownership and possession of firearms for personal protection. However, our training program utilizes realistic training firearms in our training facility and programs. This presents a risk that a real firearm could be mistaken for a training firearm. Accordingly, we politely ask you not to bring firearms onto the premises. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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