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Avoiding Conflicts and Confrontations

Refuse To Be A Victim

Virtual Target Shooting, Parker, Colorado

Avoidance & Awareness

Brett Denison | Firearms Instructor | Virtual Target

When it comes to personal protection or self-defense, the most important element is avoidance and awareness. The best place to be in any violent or dangerous situation is not to be there. You want to have a fully operational fire extinguisher in your kitchen, and fully operational smoke detector(s); this is common sense, and something that I hope all of you reading this have in place. But, once you get these things in place, you don’t leave candles burning overnight, or leave pans on stove burners, etc. Just because you have the fire extinguisher, doesn’t mean you are okay with having a fire. You still want and need to use good fire prevention methods. Likewise, if you purchased a firearm for home defense (and hopefully got training), you don’t stop locking your doors. Avoiding conflicts and confrontations is still the best option. These and many other topics related to avoidance and awareness is exactly what the “Refuse To Be A Victim” course teaches you. Come sign up for the course.