Virtual Firearms Training & Awareness

Benefits of a Virtual Shooting Environment

Brett Denison | Firearms Instructor | Virtual Target

Frequently when thinking of defensive firearm training potential students think in terms of marksmanship, firearm manipulation, and draw stroke; an often-overlooked facet is the psychological decision component, i.e. shoot/no shoot decision. While this is a mental effort, it is compounded by the psychological and physiological implications of the high stress situation. These implications could include some or all of the following:

  • Tunnel Vision.
  • Heightened Visual Clarity.
  • Auditory exclusion.
  • Time distortions.
  • Memory Distortions.
  • Reflexive Crouch.
  • Hands Elevated to Protect the Face.
  • Head Turned and Eyes Locked on Threat.
  • Effects of Brain’s Signals Being Prioritized or Filtered
  • Effects of Adrenaline
  • Increase in Strength.
  • Heightened Pain Threshold.
  • Decrease in Fine Motor Skills.
This means that on top of the above, a personal involved in a violent confrontation needs to make a decision based on the totality of the situation and decide how they will react—fight or flight.

These stress induced decision points are very difficult train and practice on a traditional range. This is one of many benefits of the virtual shooting environment available here at Virtual Target Shooting. We are able to place students in realistic, but 100% safe, scenarios that present them with these shoot/no shoot situations.