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Benefits of a Virtual Shooting Environment

Frequently when thinking of defensive firearm training potential students think in terms of marksmanship, firearm manipulation, and draw stroke; an often-overlooked facet is the psychological decision component, i.e. shoot/no shoot decision. While this is a mental effort, it is compounded by the psychological and physiological implications of the high stress situation. These implications could include some or all of the following ... more »

Avoidance & Awareness

When it comes to personal protection or self-defense, the most important element is avoidance and awareness. The best place to be in any violent or dangerous situation is not to be there. You want to have a fully operational fire extinguisher in your kitchen, and fully operational smoke detector(s); this is common sense, and something that I hope all of you reading this have in place. ... more »

The Grip

In the previous post I discussed trigger control, but obviously there is more to shooting accurately than just trigger control. In fact, the most important concept in shooting accurately is "repeatability." Being able to reproduce, again and again, consistently the same actions. One of the most challenging areas to consistently reproduce results is in regards to grip. ... more »

Kick The Bad Habits!

As a firearms instructor I have trained many shooters who are at varying skill levels. What I have observed over the years is that when I instruct the "new" "first time" or "beginner" shooter on the fundamentals of pistol shooting such as stance, grip, draw stroke, sight picture, sight alignment and trigger control, they are able to grasp these concepts quickly and transfer them into being an accurate and efficient shooter. They become like sponges, soaking up everything I am teaching them. ... more »

Trigger Control

There are a lot of opinions out there on how to improve accuracy when shooting; trigger control, grip, stance, sight alignment, etc. In this post I’m going to discuss, what is arguably the most important—trigger control. ... more »