Virtual Firearms Training & Awareness


Virtual Target Shooting, Parker, Colorado

Concealed Carry 1

Age: 21+ | Cost: $120 | Length of Course: 6 Hours (No Live Fire) | Pre-requisite: None


The purpose of this course is to train Virtual Target customers on the fundamentals of concealed carry which include strategies for personal safety, threatening encounters, aftermath of a defensive shooting, methods of carry, and principles of concealed carry. This class is for shooters of all skill levels who wish to acquire a concealed carry permit from the State of Colorado. Virtual Target Instructors will take you through the basics, so don’t worry if you have limited experience with handguns. This class will leverage and utilize the shooting simulator for various drills and scenarios to help create a more interactive and stimulating training environment. These drills provide excellent dry fire exercises in a safe controlled classroom environment. Once the student has the permit issued by the county sheriff, the student will be certified to carry a concealed firearm safely and legally.

This course meets the training requirements to apply for a concealed carry permit in Colorado.

The Blackhawk Holster with the index finger release will not be used in the classroom, range or on duty.



Important Notice: Firearms must be kept in a case until instructed otherwise and no ammunition will be allowed in the classroom. Please leave ammunition in your vehicle until you are instructed to retrieve it for ‘live fire’ exercises.

Advanced courses are performed at an outdoor range and may be subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. If courses are cancelled, they will be re-scheduled at the earliest possible time. Students will have the option to re-schedule at a later date or receive a full refund.