Virtual Firearms Training & Awareness


Virtual Target Shooting, Parker, Colorado

Concealed Carry 2

Age: 21+ | Cost: $175 | Length of Course: 7 Hours | Pre-requisites: Virtual Target Concealed Carry 1


The purpose of this course is to train Virtual Target customers who have completed Virtual Target Concealed Carry 1 and are valid CCW permit holders on more advanced drills such as drawing from a holster, emergency reloads, magazine exchanges, clearing malfunctions, shooting behind cover and other scenario specific drills. Students should be familiar with the safe operation of their own firearm. This class will also leverage and utilize the shooting simulator for various drills and scenarios to help create a more interactive and stimulating training environment. These drills provide excellent reality based training for the advanced student.

Materials Provided By Virtual Target:
  • Targets
  • Ammunition and accessories can be purchased through Virtual Target at a discount rate
Materials Provided By Student:
  • Handgun, magazine pouch, and quality holster that you intend to use for your daily carry. A quality holster that will maintain its form when your weapon is not inside it. Eye protection, ear protection, and 100 rounds of ammunition. Plan to bring water, lunch and a few snacks. Weather may change at the outdoor shooting range so come prepared with a warm jacket, rain gear, boots, sun screen etc.  (Please speak with an instructor if you have questions regarding the equipment requirements.)

The Blackhawk Holster with the index finger release will not be used in the classroom, range or on duty.



Important Notice: Firearms must be kept in a case until instructed otherwise and no ammunition will be allowed in the classroom. Please leave ammunition in your vehicle until you are instructed to retrieve it for ‘live fire’ exercises.

Advanced courses are performed at an outdoor range and may be subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. If courses are cancelled, they will be re-scheduled at the earliest possible time. Students will have the option to re-schedule at a later date or receive a full refund.