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Virtual Target Shooting, Parker, Colorado

Kick The Bad Habits!

Mark Moody | Firearms Instructor | Virtual Target

As a firearms instructor I have trained many shooters who are at varying skill levels. What I have observed over the years is that when I instruct the "new" "first time" or "beginner" shooter on the fundamentals of pistol shooting such as stance, grip, draw stroke, sight picture, sight alignment and trigger control, they are able to grasp these concepts quickly and transfer them into being an accurate and efficient shooter. They become like sponges, soaking up everything I am teaching them.

Then there are the so called "experienced" shooters. These shooters claim to have been around firearms their entire life. I'm sure this is true but unfortunately they were trained or taught incorrectly by a well meaning relative or friend. Don't get me wrong, there are many experienced shooters who have a solid foundation of the fundamentals and are very competent shooters. But when "bad habits" are consistently reinforced it shows when the shooter attempts to shoot a target from varying distances.

If you aren't hitting 8" to 10" groups from 45 feet you may be struggling with the fundamentals because of bad habits you picked up along the way. Do you want to kick these bad habits! If so, come on down to Virtual Target so good habits can be reinforced!