Virtual Firearms Training & Awareness


Firearm Training and Awareness

Virtual Target Shooting, Parker, Colorado


Hone your skills in a fun and safe setting. You’ll use realistic devices with recoil including actual guns retrofitted with laser inserts.

Shooting Gallery


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Experience a high-end simulated recreational and competitive virtual shooting experience in an indoor environment that are comfortable and fun!

Whether you are new to the sport, an experienced warrior, or interested in Virtual gaming, our simulator can take you to the next level as you use realistic firearms with recoil that goes beyond anything you’ve experienced.

Shooting at static paper or plastic targets provides a good starting point for developing basic marksmanship skills, but it lacks the realism of dealing with complex tactical situations in the field. Our firearms training simulator can provide a more immersive training environment through the use of interactive video scenarios, allowing trainees to experience stress, fear and threats from the virtual actors on the screen.

Realistic action training simulators allow trainees to engage with incidents and situations presented on a large interactive screen using their own service weapons. Your actions can be recorded and used during the debriefing to instruct and improve performance.

If using real ammunition is not a requirement or it cannot be used due to site constraints, then a PRISim Suite laser-fire training simulator can be used with a modified service weapon (fitted with a recoil kit) or with dry-fire simulation weapons. Cubic offers both fixed installations and highly portable systems that can be easily moved between training locations as and when required.

The Multi-Room simulator caters to all types of training, including:

  • Basic marksmanship
  • Force options training
  • Quick response training
  • Firearms judgment training
  • Tactical deployments for entering and clearing rooms
  • Tactics for safety
  • Tactics for diffusing hostile situations.


  • 15 minutes $20.00 - Each additional shooter is $10 up to 3 shooters total
  • 30 minutes $30.00 - Each additional shooter is $10 up to 3 shooters total
  • 60 minutes $60.00 - Each additional shooter is $7 up to 3 shooters total


  • CO2 light-recoil pistols - $5/shooter on the 15 and 30 minute and $8/shooter on the 60 minute.
  • CO2 light-recoil AR-15 - rifles $8/shooter on the 15 and 30 minute and $11/shooter on the 60 minute.

Airsoft Shooting

Airsoft target shooting in our indoor shooting cage...$5/5 minute increments

Monthly Memberships

$60/month includes unlimited sessions per month 30 minutes per session maximum. Includes free T-shirt. Does not include any CO2 upgrades.


Age Requirements

All persons, age 18 and up, using air soft or simulator equipment must sign the waiver and show proof of ID. Ages 15 and under must have parent/guardian accompany them at all times and parent/guardian must sign the release waiver for the minor to use equipment. Ages 16-17 can use equipment without the presence of parent/guardian, but must have parent/guardian sign release waiver for them before they are able to use equipment and must show proof of ID. Training classes for ages 17 and under will be treated differently, different rules for different classes. Stay tuned for details on the classes.

No Firearms On Premise

We respectfully ask that you do not carry your firearm and/or live ammunition in the facility. We train with holsters, shooting drills/targets, and with real life scenarios to obtain life-like situations. Why we ask you not to carry a firearm on the premises: Virtual Target, LLC respects, encourages, and teaches responsible ownership and possession of firearms for personal protection. However, our training program utilizes realistic training firearms in our training facility and programs. This presents a risk that a real firearm could be mistaken for a training firearm. Accordingly, we politely ask you not to bring firearms onto the premises. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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