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There are a lot of physics involved in accurately shooting a firearm

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The Grip

Brett Denison | Firearms Instructor | Virtual Target

In the previous post I discussed trigger control, but obviously there is more to shooting accurately than just trigger control. In fact, the most important concept in shooting accurately is "repeatability." Being able to reproduce, again and again, consistently the same actions. One of the most challenging areas to consistently reproduce results is in regards to grip.

There are a lot of physics involved in accurately shooting a firearm. Most defensive handguns have a trigger weight of between four to eight pounds. There are some lighter, and certainly some heavier, but that range is the average. Most defensive handguns themselves weight around a pound and a half to two pounds. This means that you typically have to exert more than twice the weight of the firearm just on the trigger. This creates a high probability of moving the firearm while pressing the trigger. This effort is countered by the grip you establish on the firearm.

For your grip on the firearm to help control the counter-pressure of the trigger press you should try the following:

  • Establish a hold with your dominant hand as high on the grip as you can; all the way under the beavertail of the firearm.
  • Your non-dominate hand should be placed with the palm on the firearm grip, that is left exposed by your dominant hand. With both hands, the firearm grip should be supported 100% (all the way around).
  • Your dominant hand should squeeze front to back; and your non-dominate hand should squeeze side to side.

You want to squeeze the firearm very tightly; but not so tight that you cause shaking or tremors. A few minutes of hands-on instruction with a qualified firearms instructor will help clarify and correct any issues you might have with your grip. In addition to helping to improve accuracy, the proper grip also aids in recoil management.