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Trigger Control

Brett Denison | Firearms Instructor | Virtual Target

There are a lot of opinions out there on how to improve accuracy when shooting; trigger control, grip, stance, sight alignment, etc. In this post I’m going to discuss, what is arguably the most important—trigger control.

In regards to trigger control, there are many recommendations, and for the most part, there all good. Things like pressing the trigger, don’t pull it; don’t jerk the trigger; let the trigger press surprise you.

While all of those are accurate and correct, they also lack something. I prefer to think of pressing the trigger like you would press the shutter button on a camera. I say this because the effect is very similar. If you are over enthusiastic with the shutter button, the resulting picture is blurring, and possibly off center. The poor image quality is because of the additional force applied to the shutter button caused the camera itself to move. If you are more careful, and press the shutter button with just enough effort to release the shutter, the resulting picture has a higher probability of being crisp, clear, and properly centered. Same with the trigger on a firearm.